RESIDENTS are being urged to have their say on an action plan set to tackle the top contributing factor of heart disease and cancer. 

Epping Forest Council is appealing for residents to vote on tackling air pollution in the Draft Air Quality Action Plan.

Air pollution is recognised as a contributing factor in heart disease and cancer and mainly affects the most vulnerable, like children, older people, and those with pre-existing health conditions.

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A spokesman for Epping Forest Council said: "The annual cost of air pollution in the UK is estimated to be around £16 billion.

"Everyone is affected by air pollution, and clean air is important for us all.

"That's why we've developed our Air Quality Action Plan 2023-2028, setting out our vision to reduce pollution in Epping Forest District."

"We want your help and need to hear your views on the actions we are proposing to take.

"The Air Quality Action Plan is relevant for everyone, whether you live in the district, work in the district or go to school in the district."

Councillor Ken Williamson, the technical services portfolio holder, said: "The Air Quality Action Plan 2023-2028 is an exciting opportunity for us to make a difference and help to lead improvements of air quality across the district.

"I look forward to seeing the proposed actions laid out in the action plan implemented, especially the anti-idling policy around schools within the district.

"We want to hear from residents to help us shape the Air Quality Action Plan and work towards improving the air quality within the district."

Once the council reviews all responses and incorporates residents' suggestions into the document, the final version of the Air Quality Action Plan will be shared.

Following the changes, The Air Quality Action Plan 2023-2028 will be considered for adoption by the council's cabinet in March 2023.