THE longest trading unisex salon in Waltham Abbey is celebrating its 34th year in business. 

The unisex salon, Nubelles, will celebrate its 34th anniversary in June after receiving the Guardian Series, Hairdresser Of The Year award 2022.

The owners, Nilgun Ciyil and her sister, bought the salon 34 years ago and named it Nubelles after a mixture of their nicknames.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Nilgun bought her sister's portion out and built the business up to its prime.

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She said: "The business has survived three recessions, the pandemic and a lot of competition in the decades we have been trading.

"Although we have scaled back our business, the salon still offers great service with care for all our clients.

"We have been trading for 34 years, and we have had many challenges, but we have always given a caring, professional and friendly service to all customers. 

"Which is why it was lovely to get the award and the recognition for our dedication and commitment.

"Thanks to all our clients that were kind enough to nominate us."

The salon is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 17 Highbridge Street, in Waltham Abbey.

To make an appointment, call 01992711015.