It's five years ago this week since we reported on a nine-year-old enjoying a taste of stardom in the angling world thanks to his monster catch.

A young man has caught a near record breaking fish in a land that has catapulted him to celebrity status in the angling world.

Last week nine year-old Teddy Towner decided to go fishing with his dad Max.

More accustomed to landing carp, the pair decided to branch out and fish for perch in a west Essex river.

Epping Forest Guardian: Teddy with the huge perch he caught.Teddy with the huge perch he caught. (Image: .)

In less than an hour the Hill House School pupil has hooked a 4lb 14oz fish, just over a pound off the world record.

Since posting a photo of Teddy with the monster perch hundreds of veteran anglers have expressed their amazement.

Mum Joanne Kenny said: "When his dad rang up and said '4lb 14oz' I thought nothing of it.

"I put it on Facebook and was soon contacted by Angling Times who saw the photo somewhere. Another magazine got in contact as well.

"People can’t believe what they are seeing. He has had so many comments from fishermen saying they have fished for over 40 years and never caught anything close to this."

Although the father and son duo had to say goodbye to the perch when they released it back into the river, Teddy's notoriety and passion for fishing seem secure.

Ms Kenny added: "He is very happy. All he wants to do is go fishing now.

"He thinks he is famous."