Essex Police's newest recruit is ready to protect residents and catch criminals in a 'gorgeous county'.

Loughton’s newest officer, PC Jack Douglas, is ready to help people, keep them safe and catch criminals.

Epping Forest Guardian:

He was one of 70 new officers that proudly made the oath to the King on Friday, January 20.

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Policing is not the only accolade of his; in a long list of protecting and serving his country, he said: "I was previously in the Military and was a Royal Guardsmen, so the passing out parade felt like second nature.

"It’s something I pride myself in, and I absolutely thrive in this kind of environment.

"I enjoy running and working out – which helps with the kit – they’re heavy.

"It always makes me laugh when you see a pursuit on television, and people often wonder why the officer can’t always catch the culprit.

"Well, the kit is heavy, and the opposition is usually wearing something light, of course, they’re lighter on their feet.

"So going to the gym is always a good idea.”

Epping Forest Guardian:

Although Mr Douglas lives in London, he decided to join Essex Police due to their outstanding reputation and his willingness to contribute to the community.

"Doing my research before I joined, I saw that the community has a lot more respect for the police; they’ve got a really good reputation," Mr Douglas continued.

"It’s also a gorgeous county – it’s a really nice place."