Why does there seem to be no talk of peace in Ukraine? Where are the voices of the international peace movement?

The thought occurs, as country after country pledge more weaponry to the Ukrainian side. Tanks have been the latest weapon, coming from Britain, Germany and the US.

There seems to be only an interest in escalation of this conflict, rather than bringing a resolution.

The whole world needs peace, as soon as possible. The people of Ukraine have suffered incredibly, as their country has been invaded. Thousands have died. Hundreds of thousands have fled the country to escape the carnage.

There have been significant losses on the Russian side, as President Vladimir Putin pushes on with his reckless unlawful action. Every casualty in this war leaves a bereaved family somewhere.

Europe is the land mass mainly hit by the war. America which provides much of the weaponry for the fighting is largely insulated from the direct impacts.

Then there are the implications beyond the actual fighting. The rising energy prices. The spiralling cost of living in this and other countries. That great public enemy, inflation, would significantly come down if peace broke out in Ukraine.

The Ukrainians need support in the defence of their country but peace has to be the ultimate goal We cannot simply go on with an unending war.

One of the big winners of the conflict is the international arms trade, which has seen its cash registers constantly ringing as the war goes on.

This year has to see this bloody war drawn to a close. The Russians need to leave Ukraine, then the country needs rebuilding - a massive task.

Structures also need putting in place to stop such an attack occurring again in the future.

The voices for peace need to be raised and heard. Constantly escalating this dangerous conflict could lead to an even bigger war and who knows where that could end?

  • Paul Donovan is a Redbridge Labour councillor for Wanstead village and blogger. See paulfdonovan.blogspot.com