A CHARITY that provides support for unpaid young adults and carers has appealed for the public’s support as it looks to continue operating.

Action For Family Carers aids carers in the Loughton and Epping district and the charity provides young carers aged between five and 18 with the opportunity to meet others.

Carers who work with the charity look after a family member in their home and often do not receive payment.

Duties and responsibilities of this role are full time and disturb education if they are caring for an adult.

A spokesman for the charity said: “There are approximately 10,000 young carers in Essex and they may be the main carer, or provide partial care for their parents or other family member due to illness, old age or disability.

“We are urgently appealing to companies, clubs and groups to help and are happy to arrange a visit to discuss further or provide a talk on our charity.”

Through the charity, carers meet with others for club nights and social activities but due to a lack of funding, it requires additional support to continue.

For more information email jayne.kirkby@affc.org.uk or visit affc.org.uk.