It's five years ago this week since time was running out to vote for a historic tree to be voted the best in Europe.

There are just five days left to vote for an oak firmly rooted in Scouting folklore to become the UK’s first European Tree of the Year.

In December the Gillwell Oak in Epping Forest trumped nine other shortlisted entrants to be crowned 2017’s best UK tree.

The gnarly trunked tree sits in Gillwell Park, an area near Chingford bought by the Scout Association in 1919 for use as a campsite and activity centre.

In 1929, the story goes, the movement’s founder Robert Baden-Powell cited the Gilwell as an example of how big things can grow from small beginnings.

It is also rumoured that Dick Turpin, the prolific highwayman, hid under the trees bowes as he ambushed people.

Having caught the eye of the British public last year, it is hoped the Gillwell Oak can now best 12 European rivals.

Currently it sits in third place, several hundred votes behind an 188 year-old Russian oak known as the Elder of the Belgorod Forests in second, and a 450 year-old ancient elm in Cabez Buey, Spain in first.

Final ballots must be cast by February 28.