ONE in six living in the UK were born abroad, and more than half of those struggle to get essential services set up, new data shows.

Due to available prospects and the ability to attract top workers, new research from HSBC UK finds that people relocating to the UK are amongst the most optimistic regarding managing important aspects of their finances in their new home country.

However, financial hurdles could be causing people to change course and the UK to miss out on attracting much-needed skills to our workforce.

Data shows that moving to a different county to earn more money, have a better lifestyle, and be financially stable are the key motivators for those wanting to relocate abroad. 

Linju Ambraham, a nurse at Princess Alexandra Hospital, travelled from India to find a better life. 

She said: "I’m incredibly proud to be training to be an NHS nurse, and getting help setting up a bank account right away was a big relief, as it was one of the things I was worried about before I arrived. 

"There is so much to do and learn when moving to a new country; it’s been great to speak with experts and understand how things work here."

HSBC is supporting those struggling with international needs.

They set up simplified account opening, allowing customers to open a bank account without visiting a branch, use abroad credit history and access support services like tax breakdown, relocation support and much more.

José Carvalho, the head of wealth and personal banking for HSBC UK, said: "Newcomers are vital to the growth of our economy, with the flow of ideas and experiences enriching the lives of people across the UK and around the world.

"From struggling to get essential services set up due to lack of local credit history to juggling finances between locations and understanding tax considerations – newcomers can face real and unique hurdles when settling into their new lives in the UK.

"We use our global network and expertise to help open up a world of opportunity for our customers."