AN ESSEX man, who had undiagnosed ADHD for over 30 years, has established his own business as a homage to a job he lost due to his disability. 

Liam Tuohy from Chigwell, Essex, has lived with ADHD all of his life, and only a year ago, he received medication that changed his life dramatically.

The 36-year-old had issues with relationships, keeping a job down, and constantly got into trouble with crime to the point where he got arrested.

Epping Forest Guardian: Trouble - Liam Tuohy as a boy caused trouble due to his conditionTrouble - Liam Tuohy as a boy caused trouble due to his condition (Image: Liam Tuohy)

Liam said: "I could never learn the essential skills I needed to get by in life.

"I jumped from job to job my whole life; I was constantly taking focus and caffeine tablets to try and give myself that edge."

"I will never forget when I was given the opportunity to become a pilates instructor, but because I couldn't learn it quick enough, they let me go."

Epping Forest Guardian: Improving - Liam was able to start a 'new life' thanks to medication he recievedImproving - Liam was able to start a 'new life' thanks to medication he recieved (Image: Liam Tuohy)

He lived undiagnosed for 35 years, and just over a year ago, he received a diagnosis and prescription for medication to help him focus.

Liam started his own fitness business, a homage to his dream job, which he lost due to untreated ADHD. 

"Going to business network meetings is something that I would never have done; mixing with people at a higher level than me has been key to achieving my success," he continued.

"I was constantly doing the wrong stuff, so I come from a completely different world to a lot of other people that I'm mixing with now, but it's working and benefiting me."

Currently, Liam's working for his own company, 2Tuff Health And Fitness, as a mobile personal trainer.

"Fitness is the number one thing that combats ADHD in my eyes; pausing in the moment and paying attention to your actions has also been a big one for me.

"I want to help all those with ADHD with their mental and physical health.

"I am also an advocate for ADHD UK and did the half marathon in Victoria Park last year to raise awareness for the cause."

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