A HARLOW author has written a book inspired by her grandmother's bedtime stories.

Lorna Uglow's book, entitled Milldown, is set in Scotland and Ireland in the early 20th century and is described as an achingly poignant love story based on true events.

The main character, her grandmother Beanie, is a young woman in the bloom of youth, content with the bucolic tranquillity of her life on Milldown Farm, not far from the vibrant coastal village of Coldingham Bay.

Beanie’s contentment is upended when her heart is captured by the handsome Ronan, a roguish Irish lad who is employed on the farm as a field hand.

When Ronan suffers a tragedy which keeps him from Milldown, Beanie is romanced by an affluent young man, Alasdair, forcing Beanie to confront her own place in society.

Upon Ronan’s return, Beanie soon finds herself caught between two loves - that for her cherished home and family in Scotland and that for Ronan, who offers her a new path in life.

Lorna, who is married with two sons and two stepsons, worked in a private hospital for 25 years but now spends her time writing and sailing. She has published four children’s books.

Lorna is also a great animal lover. Her book was inspired by bedtime stories told to Lorna by her grandmother, Beanie, who was brought up on Milldown Farm on the Scottish Borders.