A HARLOW traveller shares the in-depth beauty of places he travelled to in his new book.

Brandon Shackell, 69, who lived in Harlow for many years has published a book about his travel adventures.

For over 30 years, Mr Shackell on-off travelled to 60 different and visited Europe, Asia, Australia, both North and South America, Africa, Scandinavia, the Caribbean and Indonesia.

Epping Forest Guardian: Author Brandon Shackell with his newly published bookAuthor Brandon Shackell with his newly published book (Image: Susan Parker)

His book, What a Way to Travel, features excessive notes and diary entries from each point in the world and shares tricks and tips on travelling on a budget and any worthy splurges. 

Mr Shackell said: "I always wanted to capture not only the famous locations and generic information but the atmosphere of those places - all the miracles, fun and anything interesting on the way.

"That's when I started to make notes and began journaling my travels."

After travelling for a few years, the author put all his entries together, and with help of a close friend who needed to practise fast typing, the book was made.

"I always wanted to get it published," Mr Shackell continued.

"I wanted to show my adventures and notes to my family and friends."

The book was launched at Waterstones in Darlington on March 23 and sold 35 copies during its release week.

Epping Forest Guardian: Author Brandon Shackell in front of WaterstonesAuthor Brandon Shackell in front of Waterstones (Image: Susan Parker)

Mr Shackell said: "I travelled by ships, and trains and even took a tandem bicycle trip through some European countries.

"I even rode a camel and an elephant!

"That's why I decided to call the book What a Way to Travel, as it brings all fun memories together."

The newly released book was sitting untouched for twenty years when Mr Shackell stumbled across an advertisement for book publishers and decided to try his luck.

He said: "My publisher did an amazing job, he managed to produce this fantastic-looking book and I just love it.

"I do not have a favourite country as you can't compare the Eiffel Tower to the Grand Cannon, but the place that stood out to me the most was Izrael.

"We went to a little church where Jesus Christ was born and seeing the place that you read so much about in your life makes a huge impact.

"Although the book is published, I still have many places to visit and I think that everyone should see the wonders of the world at least once in their lifetime."