It's ten years ago this week since we reported on a proposal to try and ease a car parking issue in Epping town centre.

Plans have been put forward as a possible solution to a problem traders say is choking a town centre.

Shopkeepers say commuters arriving in Epping early in the morning have been taking up spaces in the Bakers Lane and Cottis Lane car parks since Transport for London hikes its station car park prices in January, causing customers to go elsewhere.

Epping Forest District Council’s highways portfolio holder, Conservative Gary Waller, said at a meeting last night that the council would allocate 100 spaces as short-stay only.

He added: “We’ve not made any final decisions, but we’ve decided to introduce 100 new spaces for short-term parkers.

“Whether it’s at Bakers Lane or Cottis Lane is still to be discussed and we still want to talk to interested parties like the town council and the chamber of commerce.”

Town mayor Jon Whitehouse, who also serves on as a Liberal Democrat on the district council, said: “It’s good that at last we have signs of action.

“We need to keep up the pressure so the district council implements the shoppers’ short-stay spaces as soon as possible.

“The council also needs to monitor the effect, including on surrounding residential roads, and be prepared to make further changes if necessary.

“In the longer term, the council needs to look at ways of increasing parking spaces overall to relieve pressure on local residents.”

Deborah Webb, who announced she would have to give up the lease on her shop Glad Rags after 40 years last week, said town centre customers could not find a parking space.