A MAN suffered burns and smoke inhalation after tackling a fire this morning.

Crews were called to Hilltop in Loughton at 6.46am after fire pit embers caused a house to catch alight.

A man in his forties was injured in the fire.

Firefighters from Loughton and Waltham Abbey were in attendance.

The fire was fully extinguished by 7.41am.

Epping Forest Guardian:

The fire service has issued safety advice after hot embers from the fire pit used last night spread and set alight garden furniture.

This then spread to part of the house.

Watch manager Glenn Jackson said: "The cause was found to be smouldering embers, which had been used in a fire pit in the garden the night before.

"The fire pit had been left next to garden furniture and set it alight. The fire then spread to a fence, a wood pile and part of the house.

Epping Forest Guardian:

"Incidents like this show how important it is to ensure your coals or wood or anything used in a fire pit or barbecue is completely cool before you move or dispose of them.

"It could take up to 48 hours for embers to be completely cool, but you can speed it up by pouring water over them and completely submerging them.

"I'd like to praise our crews for their efforts in extinguishing the fire, particularly because access was difficult. Thankfully the fire only damaged part of the roof and outside of an extension."

"Please do not try and tackle a fire yourself; get to a place of safety and call 999."