If you have been travelling across London recently and noticed that more people than often had their heads in their phones, this may be why.

A game surrounding the London transport system has gone viral and commuters can't get enough of it.

The simple game, 'Metro Memory' simply tasks you to name all 416 stations across the London network.

Whilst it may sound easy, when it comes to remembering all stations including Underground, Overground, Elizabeth and DLR it's much harder than it first seems.

Whether you think you'll be a master at the game or want to test your London transport knowledge, here's how to play 'Metro Memory'.

How to play the London Metro Memory Game

You can play the London Metro Memory Game via this website.

Once you are on the site, all you need to do is start naming as many London stations as you can.

There's no need to sign up or log in and the best part is you don't have to worry about doing it all in one go as the site will save your data when you close the tab meaning you won't lose any progress.

Every time you name a correct London station the dot that represents the named station will be coloured in and your percentage will grow.

Plus, you can also see how much of each line and service you have completed, with a graphic showing the amount you have named, such as 8/16 on the Victoria Line.

Who created the London Metro Memory Game?

The Tube naming game was made by software engineer Benjamin Tran Dinh.

First released on October 20, it has since gone viral as more and more keen players try and complete the game.

Have you played the London Metro Memory Game?