Gérard Jugnot: A Life of Cinematographic Success and Commitment


The interview with French actor Gérard Jugnot allowed us to delve into his exceptional film career and discover the most memorable moments of his acting life. Here is a summary of this captivating conversation.


From Youthful Beginnings to Passion for Show


Gérard Jugnot opened the discussion by talking about his beginnings, when he met his classmates Thierry Lhermitte, Christian Clavier and Michel Blanc. Their common desire to put on a show was the starting point of their artistic collaboration. Jugnot shared, with emotion, the importance of this period: “We always wanted to put on a show, that’s what pushed my comrades a little.”


Cinematographic Successes and Influence of “The chorus”


Throughout the conversation, Gérard Jugnot retraced the evolution of his film career, moving from small roles to main roles. He emphasized that, despite technological advances, the key element remains the story and the characters. He clarified: “What matters is what we tell, it’s the stories of little men, of little good women, that’s what touches people.”


Among the highlights of his career, Jugnot mentioned his role in the film “Pourris Gâté,” a great success which has accumulated 90 million views on Netflix worldwide. This film was an impressive success, demonstrating the actor's international influence.


One of the most important milestones in his career was his role in “The chorus”. Jugnot discussed how this iconic film influenced music in cinema. This feature film was nominated for an Oscar, which was a memorable moment in his career. He shared his perception of success, explaining that public recognition is the most valuable. He concluded: “Success and failure live on the same landing, but there are no names on the doors.”


Discovery of the Universe of Series with “Lol Qui Rit sort”


The conversation then turned to the series “Lol Qui Rit,” available on Prime Video, in which Gérard Jugnot played a memorable role. Jugnot shared how this experience in the world of series was both surprising and interesting. He emphasized that the series offer unique advantages while bringing their own perspective.


New Cinematographic Project: “Comme par magie”


Finally, Gérard Jugnot mentioned his new film, “Comme par Magie,” alongside Kev Adams. He encouraged the public to discover this promising project, highlighting its mix of humor and emotion. Jugnot reaffirmed its commitment to quality projects.


Gérard Jugnot embodies versatility and passion in the world of French cinema, offering audiences a successful film career. His humility and undeniable talent make him an essential figure in the film industry, whose influence extends well beyond French borders.

Pierre Cotteau de Simencourt