The modern game of field hockey emerged in England during the mid-18th century. This fast-paced and exciting sport has become increasingly popular over the years and is now one of the top 5 biggest sports in England with over 1000 hockey clubs. Today you can read about a very dedicated and passionate local hockey club that has stood its ground through adversity and thrives today. 

When NPL Hockey Club was established in 1921, more than a century ago, it was known as the NPL Sports Club. This friendly hockey club was created by a merger with one of the oldest hockey teams ever established, Mid-Surrey. This allowed many players who were eager to play to join and thrive in the peak time of Hockey. When league hockey was first introduced, NPL and Lensbury dominated with a multitude of teams playing between them. Everyone had access to a range of hockey options, including mixed hockey, indoor hockey, summer games, and more. They even organized an incredibly successful Easter event that attracted 30 clubs from home and abroad! 

However, membership here steadily decreased as more players were drawn to other clubs with their own astroturf and clubhouses for hockey teams. Soon football players began to take over the grass fields. With Mid-Surrey being evicted and Lensbury being re-appraised, these two teams were stuck in an unfortunate situation. However, a strong bond and merger took place with Lensbury and Mid-Surrey joining together and later joining NPL finally becoming a part of NPL hockey club. 

This unwavering club still stands today playing weekly matches and training hard with only 2 Men's teams and a lady's team. They currently reside and play Hockey in Teddington at St Mary's university sports campus, where their hockey continues to stay strong whilst welcoming new players to a warm and friendly team.