The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning as thunderstorms are set to hit London.

From 5am to midnight tomorrow (Tuesday, November 14) thunder and rain is likely across the city.

The rain and wind is predicted by the Met Office to be heaviest between 8am and 10am in the morning.

Some buildings and structures may be damaged from lightning strikes or strong winds.

Driving conditions will likely be affected by spray, standing water and/or hail, causing longer journey times.

Train services and journeys by plane may be delayed.

The Met Office has also said that there may be some short-term power outages as the weather is poor.

To stay safe in a storm, the Met Office recommends keeping your mobile phone fully charged and preparing a flood plan if your home is at risk of flooding.

If you must drive in the storm, they suggest driving slowly, using dipped headlights, giving yourself more time to react by leaving a bigger gap between vehicles and using main roads where you can.

The Met Office says that it is not safe to walk or drive through floodwater and to avoid it where possible.

If you are affected by fast flowing or deep water they suggest calling 999 and waiting for help.

During a thunderstorm, the Met office says to avoid water, trees, poles and metal objects and instead to find a low-lying open place.

People should avoid activities such as golf, rod fishing or boating.

If you find yourself in an exposed location during a storm, the Met Office says that you should squat close to the ground with your hands on your knees and your head tucked between them – but, do not lie on the ground.

We have put together the forecast from the Met Office for the remainder of the week so that you can plan ahead.

Today (November 13)

The Met Office predicts persistent and occasionally heavy rain sweeping across the region through the morning, this easing through the afternoon with some sunny spells.

Windy through much of the day, easing inland but staying breezy along Channel coasts.

The maximum temperature will be 16 degrees.

Tonight (November 13)

The weather will be dry at first into the evening with some clear spells, winds easing inland, but staying breezy along coasts.

Isolated, occasionally heavy showers developing through the early hours.

It will be a mild night with a minimum temperature of 10 degrees.

Tuesday (November 14)

The Met Office predicts bright with some sunny spells and scattered showers through the morning but a little breezy, mainly coasts.

It will be drier into the afternoon, with some longer spells of sunshine.

Maximum temperature 14 degrees.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday (November 15 – 17)

Bright with sunny spells and isolated showers are predicted for Wednesday.

There will be a dry start on Thursday, then heavy rain, with strong winds sweeping eastwards.

A drier Friday with sunny spells is predicted with average temperatures.