Harlow Council has launched a community safety hub in the heart of town in an effort to crackdown on crime and antisocial behaviour (ASB).

The hub, located in the Civic Centre, brings together the council’s Community Safety team and Essex Police.

While it is currently not accessible to the public, it has been created to foster improved sharing of information and collaboration amongst community safety partners.

Plans to expand the hub to incorporate further community safety partners are under consideration.

The decision to establish the hub represents a pivotal element of the council’s ambition to boost council services and rekindle the community spirit in Harlow.

As it is, the public will maintain their usual channels of reporting crime and antisocial behaviour.


Leader of Harlow Council, Councillor Dan Swords acknowledged the role of the hub in addressing crime: "We know from the residents' survey conducted over the summer that tackling crime and ASB is a big priority for residents, and this hub will bring together the right agencies in the right place to share resources to tackle the issues head-on.

"I am delighted to see the hard work behind the scenes to bring this new community safety hub to life has now paid off."

The opening day of the hub was on Wednesday, January 17, where partner organisations had the opportunity to witness the joint-working in action.

Representatives from the council, Essex Police, the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, the NHS, and Police Fire and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst were all in attendance.

Epping Forest Guardian: The hub, located in the Civic Centre, brings together the council’s Community Safety team and

Chief Inspector Paul Austin, district commander for Harlow, voiced optimism for the potential impact of the hub and said: "We welcome the launch of the community safety hub and are confident that it will support our ongoing efforts to reduce antisocial behaviour in Harlow."

Meanwhile, Roger Hirst, police, fire and crime commissioner for Essex, emphasised the importance of collaborative efforts and said: "Partnership working is essential in our approach to bring crime down, and this hub will enable Essex Police, Harlow Council’s Community Safety team and other valued partners to work together and share resources."