Harlow Council has confirmed it's on track to complete its backlog of housing repairs.

Recent figures indicate 4,884 repairs have been completed since June 2023, from a starting backlog of 5,481, which is a cutdown of 89 per cent in half a year.

This leaves 597 jobs to be cleared by the end of March, with 127 of these dating back to 2022.

The council has been working alongside HTS (Property and Environment) Limited, a company set up by Harlow Council to provide environmental and property maintenance services.

Councillor David Carter, cabinet portfolio holder for housing, said: "We remain fully committed to fixing council housing and are still well on track to completely clear the backlog in repairs by the end of March.

"We are currently looking at a reduction in backlog repairs of 89 per cent.

"My thanks go to everyone involved in this enormous project to fix council housing.

"It’s taken a great deal of effort to get to this stage, but I know that with the council and HTS continuing to work together we can make that final push in the last couple of months of the financial year to fully clear the backlog and get on top of keeping our homes up to standard."