A PARISH council election in Epping Forest ended in a close result with one candidate narrowly securing victory.

Michael Robert Dormon has been named as councillor for Roydon following an election on February 1.

He secured 131 votes, while runner-up Heather Anne Nicholas bagged 125 votes, just trailing behind by six.

Mr Dormon, a retired chartered surveyor who has worked throughout the country, is chairman of the parish council in neighbouring Stanstead Abbotts.

He said: “When I first started, that was in Hatfield District (now Borough) Council.

"They were looking for someone to stand in what was considered an unwinnable ward.

"I only lost by 50 votes so I stood again the next year and won by 50 votes”.

Mr Dormon said he feels he has expertise, such as his ongoing experience with other councils, to offer to his new role and has expressed his gratitude for being elected to Roydon Parish Council.

He said: “I’m delighted that so many people turned out to vote in total because a single ward parish council election on its own doesn’t get a lot of publicity. 

“I’m delighted we got a just under 20 per cent turnout and the fact I got six more votes than my opposition meant I got through. 

“It was very close and I want to thank everybody for voting for either side”.