TENANTS living in a top-floor flat in Waltham Abbey are once again fighting to protect their homes.

Last year residents of Osprey Court protested against plans to turn the three-storey block of flats into a four-storey building.

The documents proposed building on top of half of the property's top floor, creating ten new homes but only parking for six of those.

After sending in dozens of objections, however, residents were able to convince the council to throw out the plans.

Despite this, the same plans are now set to be reviewed by the Government Planning Inspectorate after developers appealed the decision.

Claire Webb, a resident of the flats, said: "We were all very emotional and joyous when the councillors announced the builders' proposal had been overturned. 

"We were devastated to discover they have now put in a proposal to the Secretary of State. 

"It feels like a kick in the stomach. We are all devastated words cannot explain. We are determined not to simply sit and let this happen."

Kate Best, 56, is once again urging residents to fight against the plans, due to their initial objections now being null and void.

She said: "Having the capacity for only six additional parking spots is clearly not enough, especially in an area where you desperately need a car."

Planners also made no mention of paying residents any compensation for the months of disruption they may have to endure.

Kate added: "It is a horrific prospect as I have owned my own home for 30 years and now I have zero control over what is going to happen to it.

"To be expected to live through the physical upheaval and mental distress it will cause is just incredibly stressful.

"I am trying to drum up enough local support so we can once again put these plans to rest."

Tenants have until April 8 to object against the plan for the ten new homes.

To submit your thoughts visit acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk and type in 3332744 to appeal for blocks 15-35 and type in 3332743 to appeal for blocks 36-44.