Harlow Council is actively converting unused garages and hardstandings in council estates into additional parking spaces.

The Open Parking Programme, which launched late last year and has already created 118 spaces, is hoping to ease congestion in the area.

Initially, 88 spaces at Shawbridge, Church End, Red Willow, and Brenthall Towers were repurposed from hardstandings.

Brenthall Towers will also benefit from the conversion of the Potter Street neighbourhood office, expecting 38 extra spaces, complemented by three electric vehicle charging points and two disability bays.

Meanwhile, another 30 spaces in Wharley Hook and Glebelands sprung up from former garages.

Tenants previously renting the demolished spaces will be offered alternative options.

Currently, the council is refining plans to produce 93 more spaces spread across The Readings, Hollyfield, Cooks Spinney, Quarry Spring, and Guilfords.

They are all set for creation by demolishing garage blocks and repurposing hardstands.

The council also anticipates adding more spaces in Rundells, Rushes Mead, Joyners Field, and Tilbury Mead by transforming their garages.