BT will be visiting locations across the East of England to talk to customers about Digital Voice, its new home phone service, to ensure everyone stays connected now and in the future

BT will be holding dozens of events across the East of England over the next few weeks to help advise customers on a once-in-a-generation upgrade which will see the UK’s landlines go digital. 

Customers will be able to speak to advisors and ask questions about the change which will see calls made over a broadband line instead of the old analogue network, which is becoming increasingly unreliable.

As part of this industry-wide upgrade, BT is contacting customers about the switch to its new home phone service, Digital Voice, on a region-by-region basis. Wales is the next part of the UK to go live, where customers will be able to choose to move to the service. 

Vicky Hicks, Senior Engagement Manager at BT, said: “This necessary upgrade to future-proof the UK’s landlines is essential and for the vast majority of customers, making the switch simply involves plugging your phone into a broadband router instead of into a wall-mounted phone socket, bringing new benefits such as advanced spam call blocking.”

Getting it right for customers
“WE’VE worked very closely with our Digital Voice Advisory Group, an association made up of charities and representative groups, who have been advising on the needs of customers most affected by the switch and, as a result, we are taking a number of steps to give customers the best possible experience.

"In total, we’ve now got around two and a half million customers across the UK using our new home phone service and we’re now offering support for customers across the East of England  who are ready to make the switch.” 

Peter Turner, a customer already set up with a Digital Voice landline, said: “The Digital Voice equipment was pre-delivered, I set everything up prior to it going live and everything is working as it should. I found the set-up very straightforward and Digital Voice is clearer and more reliable.”

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Where can I find out more about Digital Voice?
VICKY Hicks added: “We’ll be running events across the East of England throughout May to tell customers more about Digital Voice and to answer any questions they may have about the move to digital landlines. For almost all our customers, Digital Voice will have no impact on how you use your home phone. You’ll still have the same service, and your price plan and bills will stay the same. 

You likely won’t need a new phone either. More than 99% of phone handsets work with Digital Voice and for those that don’t, we have a range of handsets that customers can order.  

“At BT we’ll be doing all we can to get the word out about our new home phone service, including local and regional advertising campaigns and being present in towns and cities across the UK.” 

Customers can find out more about BT’s Digital Voice events through its website at

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Supporting customers every step of the way
VICKY said that customers would be supported through the change. “At this stage, we will be writing to all customers to make them aware of the changes, and following up with those who are ready and eligible to make the switch. 

“We won’t be switching customers who may have difficulty making the change just yet, and will be giving them additional support when the time comes.

“Customers without broadband don’t need to worry, there’s nothing for them to do right now. 

“We want to reassure customers who rely on their landline that they can continue to use their landlines in the same way as they do today, and will be contacted when they’re able to move over to an alternative service.

“We are also working closely with local authorities and telecare providers, so that we can identify telecare users ahead of the switch, and ensure we have the right support in place for them.

“We have also signed up to the UK Government’s Charter, which sets in stone our commitment to support vulnerable customers throughout the switch. I am committed to ensuring that everyone feels confident in making the switch to our new home phone service. That’s why we’ve also partnered with pioneering UK charity, AbilityNet.” 

Sarah Brain, Free Services Manager at AbilityNet, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with BT to support older people with their digital skills. In a world where digital is so essential to daily life, it’s crucial no one is left behind, and with this partnership we can help bridge the digital skills gap.” 


Ensuring no one is left behind 
VICKY added: “For almost everyone, moving to Digital Voice will be a simple and free transition with no home installation work required. 

“If you have a telecare device, care pendant or alarm connected to your landline, you’ll need to speak to your equipment provider, and if you think you will have a problem with the transition or you think you are vulnerable, tell us. 

“We will be with you every step of the way to make the transition as smooth as possible.”