Amanda Campbell, Head of Avon House Preparatory School, details her journey to becoming a head teacher, her pride in the school and her ambitions for her role.

What was your path to becoming a head teacher?

My pathway was slow but I also would say measured and I feel that moving from a class role to a head of department was the start of my management journey.

I moved into a deputy head role once my children moved to senior school and became Head at Avon House in 2013 and joined the Independent Schools Association which has proved to be hugely beneficial for me as a Head and also allows Avon House to benefit from the competitions in a wealth of different areas.

I am currently the area coordinator for ISA London North and a member of the Executive committee.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Why did you want to become a head teacher?

I didn’t set out to be a Head Teacher. I loved teaching and got great delight in seeing those golden moments when a child achieved something they thought was impossible. Over time and with a lot of guidance, I felt that I could make a whole school difference and so when the headship at Avon House was offered to me I was excited about what opportunities I could implement for developing the whole child.

What were your favourite and least favourite school dinners?

I loved shepherds pie and fish and chip Friday, and my least favourite would have been (and still is) anything that is covered in custard.

How do you relax outside of school?

I love gardening and cooking which means when the weather is bad I cook and when the weather is great I’m out in the garden!

What are your most proud of at your school?

I think it is difficult to say what I am most proud of except to say I am proud of the children and get lots of joy when they do something that makes them smile.

If I were to look at this school year I was extremely proud of Year 6 and all their achievements at 11+ and as an ISA school I am very proud of all the competition accolades we have had this year.

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