The Terminus House footbridge, a fixture in Harlow's town centre since 1968, has been demolished marking a significant stage in the ongoing multi-million-pound regeneration of the area.

The footbridge was originally constructed to link the multi-storey car park and Terminus House to local shops.

However, the structure had not been in regular use for several years, creating underutilised spaces in its surrounding area.

Epping Forest Guardian: The remaining moments of Terminus House footbridgeThe remaining moments of Terminus House footbridge (Image: Harlow Council)

The footbridge removal comes as part of the regeneration project funded by the government's £23.7m Towns Fund programme.

A new Transport Hub designed to replace the current bus station is part of the planned enhancements.

This hub promises to provide bright and welcoming public transport facilities for Harlow's residents, visitors and employees, with a connection to the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town sustainable transport corridor.

Epping Forest Guardian: Moments after the demolitionMoments after the demolition (Image: Harlow Council)

During the demolition, which was carried out with specialist equipment over the bank holiday weekend, bus stops were temporarily relocated.

All shops and businesses remained open during the process, despite the temporary roadblocks.

The council has plans to reopen some pedestrian access to Terminus Street via East Walk by mid-June as the site continues to be cleared and made safe.

This project plays part of Harlow council's plans to revitalise the town.

Epping Forest Guardian: Work to rebuild Harlow bus station and transform Terminus Street is now underwayWork to rebuild Harlow bus station and transform Terminus Street is now underway (Image: Harlow Council)

Aside from the transport hub, plans are underway to improve Broad Walk and Market Square, to reshape the town centre.

Councillor Dan Swords, leader of Harlow Council, said: "The demolition of the Terminus House footbridge is a huge milestone met for the rebuild of the bus station and Terminus Street and signals a brand-new start for this part of Harlow Town Centre.

"This is yet more proof that Harlow Council is delivering on its mission to rebuild our town.

"The area will be transformed into a state-of-the-art Sustainable Transport Hub and Interchange to help put the heart back into Harlow’s town centre, along with improvements in Broad Walk and our plans for Market Square."

Following the disruptions experienced during the demolition, the council has expressed its gratitude to all the landlords, businesses, bus services, bus users, hackney carriage drivers, and Terminus House residents for their patience to date.