Bedford House in Epping Forest became the dramatic backdrop for an international wedding proposal earlier this year.

The unexpected event marked a first for the historic building, which is currently the site of the Buckhurst Hill Community Association (BHCA), amplifying its significance for one particular family with strong ties to the location.

The building on Buckhurst Hill is fondly remembered by 91-year-old Pamela Day, formerly Pamela Bishop, who used to visit during her childhood when the building was still a residential house.

In June of last year, Pamela recollected her memories over a cup of tea at Bedford House with her daughter Tracy Sturgeon and her family.

In a twist of delightful coincidence, this year brought another family visit, with Tracy's cousin, Roxarn Bishop, flying in from Australia.

Roxarn had an emotional reunion with the building as her father, John Bishop, was born in Bedford House.

Not alone in her journey, Roxarn was accompanied by her partner, Graham Cass.

The pair met in an Adelaide pub in May 2012 and have resided together ever since 2015, pushing through the challenges of Covid to build their life together, including buying a new home in 2021.

In an unexpected romantic gesture, deemed perfect by Roxarn, Graham chose the front steps of Bedford House to propose on May 17, 2024 (she said yes!).

The event held even more sentiment for Roxarn since she has a cherished photo of her father on the same steps.

Graham Cass and Roxarn Bishop celebrate getting engaged on the steps of Bedford HouseGraham Cass and Roxarn Bishop celebrate getting engaged on the steps of Bedford House (Image: Bedford House)

Lykke Leszczynski, CEO at Bedford House, was thrilled by the event, adding: "It was such a joyful moment to share in and came completely out of the blue.

"Another first for Bedford House and we are delighted."

Looking forward, Bedford House will hold its annual summer show on Sunday, July 7, from 11am to 3pm.

Attendees can look forward to work produced by students, try out taster sessions, indulge in homemade cakes at the garden café, and enjoy live music.

The event will cater to all ages and includes a performance by a school and other activities.

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