Winter can be a nightmare for British homes for several reasons. Keeping a house warm is obviously important, but mould build-up can happen as a result.

Mould is a pain to get rid of, but does vaping contribute to this?

When we use our vape kits, we release millions of tiny droplets of moisture into the air.

According to a 2018 study which looked at the differences between exhaled cigarette smoke and vapour, much of this moisture evaporates immediately, although some does get trapped in the air.

Inevitably, some of this trapped moisture settles on its surroundings, and after a while, this can start to gather and form a residue.

If nothing’s done about this residual build-up then over time it can result in the discolouration of walls and ceilings and eventually anything white will turn slightly beige, as per Vapoholic.

Does vaping contribute to mould?

Disposable vapes rarely develop mould due to the specific materials used in their construction.

The vapour that people inhale isn't wet. Some say it is actually drier than cigarettes.

How to prevent walls from being stained

If your walls do become stained due to your vaping, it’s really nothing to worry about as you can simply paint over the discolouration.

  • Vape outside – It might seem obvious but if you want to avoid any surfaces from becoming stained then perhaps it’s best to avoid vaping indoors all together
  • Open windows – If you vape indoors, opening windows will allow some of the vapour to escape which will prevent it building up so quickly
  • Clean surfaces frequently – Stains will only take hold once enough residual vapour has built up, so giving your walls and surfaces a wipe down every once in a while will stop it from collecting
  • Avoid coloured e-liquids – Whether it’s walls, curtains or even your teeth, coloured e-liquid is known to cause staining so these are best avoided
  • Vape zero nicotine liquid – Much of the staining is caused by nicotine, so vaping nicotine-free e-juice would reduce staining significantly (we know this isn’t a viable option for most people but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless)

With that said, painting can be a time-consuming affair, so if you’d rather avoid it then there are some things you can do to prevent your walls from becoming stained.