Celebrity Big Brother has finally been given a return date.

Hosts of the main show AJ Odudu and Will Best confirmed during the recent series that the celebrity version would be back sometime in 2024 - now it doesn't look like we have long.

ITV rebooted the normal version of the show earlier this year. The show was won by Jordan Sangha, who has since confirmed he is dating fellow housemate Henry.

Jordan decided to quit his job and has said he is "done" with law and is moving on from his usual career.

"I don’t want to go back to a day job. I’ve worked in supermarkets, I loved working in Sainsbury’s, that was a good day job - but law, no. I’m done, signed out," he said, before adding of a potential TV career: "Definitely, you’ve got to keep the money coming in."

According to the Mirror, Celebrity Big Brother will return in March 2024.

The show seemed a huge hit with fans throughout it's run, but now, viewers want the celebrity version to make a comeback.

Who's speculated to appear on Celebrity Big Brother?

Bosses are also said to be keen to get Rebekah Vardy in the house after the infamous Wagatha Christie trial that was recently shown on Disney Plus.

"Rebekah is the show's No1 target, there's no getting away from it. Bosses know she'll be perfect fodder for the show and that she won't hold back on saying what she thinks. They also hope she won't be slow coming forward on saying how she feels about Coleen and her husband Wayne. She will be TV gold!" a source told the Mirror previously.

However, a Big Brother also confirmed: "Any names suggested for Celebrity Big Brother are speculation."