Beloved presenter Alison Hammond fell flat on her face after being chased by a cow at Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat Farm in Oxfordshire.

She was visiting the Top Gear star's property for a segment on This Morning where she met Mr Clarkson, his partner and Kaleb Cooper.

During her visit, she fell over after attempting to climb a mound of hay while chatting with Kaleb, leaving viewers in hysterics.

Alison Hammond Chased by cow at Jeremy Clarkson's farm

The chaotic visit by the ITV presenter was made even crazier after she was chased by a cow locked in a field.

During the chase, Alison Hammond could be heard screaming: "Babes, babes why is this one following me?"

As she started to sprint, the large brown cow could be seen tailing her and picking up pace.

Fans watching the programme were left in hysterics by the presenter's antics on Jeremy Clarkson's farm with one writing on X, formally known as Twitter: "Alison in the countryside mud and cow poo wearing false eyelashes."

Another said: "Poor cow…and I don’t mean Alison!"

This comes after the This Morning star was revealed to be the next host of For The Love Of Dogs.

The role was previously held by the late Paul O'Grady who promoted the work of the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home until his death last March at the age of 67.

Alison Hammond 'gutted' over BAFTA snub

However, despite this appointment, Alison was said to be "gutted" that she was overlooked for the BAFTA Film Awards taking place this month.

A source close to the Big Brother star said: "She’s gutted not to be asked back – especially as she has built up such a great rapport with all the A-listers in Hollywood who seem to love her too."

They added: "Alison often suffers from imposter syndrome and thinks that everything could get taken away from her at a moment’s notice, despite all her success.

"Because she got into the entertainment industry via a reality show, she’s always felt like she’s had to work harder to prove to people that she’s got skill and talent and isn’t just famous for being famous.

"She’s really grateful for everything she has going on right now, but she’s aware how cut-throat the TV world can be."

The presenting role was instead given to David Tennant who said he was "delighted to have been asked to host" the big event.