Liam Dillon says he is “just focussed on winning the title” as he prepares to take on David Birmingham for the vacant Southern Area super-featherweight title this Saturday.

Undefeated Dillon, from Chingford, who has won eight straight bouts in the paid code since his 2017 debut, is taking his first shot at a title with this fight, to be held at York Hall, Bethnal Green.

Speaking about what sort of fight he is expecting, Dillon said: “He’s going to want to win and put on a show. He’s bringing a few people up from Portsmouth to support him which I’m sure will create a good atmosphere, but that won’t faze me, I’m just focussed on winning the title.

“I’ve been working really hard in the training camps and I’m confident that my training and preparation will get me the win.”

Dillon, 23, is coming up a relatively inexperienced opponent in terms of boxing in Birmingham, with the Portsmouth fighter having only done three more fights than his young counterpart in his career, but the 37-year-old will be keen to finally add a title to his name after a previous failed attempt.

On the age difference, Dillon said: “I don’t think it’s going to make a big difference overall in the fight. Age is just a number, after all.

“I don’t see it as a big factor because he’s obviously got enough quality to be fighting for the title so he’s going to be as difficult an opponent as any.”

Birmingham went for the Southern Area lightweight title back in 2017, but lost to Jumanne Camero, and has also experienced a further two losses throughout his career.

However, Dillon is expecting his opponent to come out and show what he can do in what could be his last attempt at a title.

He said: “I think he has got a high work rate and is very fit, but it’s nothing I haven’t come up against in the past. I’ve also seen some weaknesses in him but nothing that I want to reveal for now.

“In terms of his past losses, the mentality completely depends on the individual. He’s bounced back from his previous title defeat and won other fights, so that shows a strong mentality, but his losses show that he can be beaten and can be KO’d, and that’s a positive for me.

“My coaches and I have been studying Birmingham’s fights; how he moves, in particular. We’ve been working on exploiting those areas thoroughly in the gym and with various sparring partners.”

With success firmly in his sights, Dillon has not allowed himself to focus too far ahead, insisting he has not thought about the next step regardless of the result on Saturday.

He said: “I haven’t really been focussing on what’s happening after this fight, I’ve just been preparing for Saturday. I’ve had plenty of people asking me what’s next but for now I’m just focussed on beating David Birmingham.

“I’m only looking forward to getting in the ring and putting on a good show for everybody. I know he’s bringing a few people up and it’s also the most tickets I’ve ever sold for a fight, so it’s going to be a great atmosphere. I’m just looking forward to a good fight and winning the title.”