Director of Football Martin Ling says he had “no hesitation” in appointing Ross Embelton as Leyton Orient’s interim head coach.

The club confirmed last week that Embleton had assumed the role after the death of former head coach Justin Edinburgh, with Danny Webb moving into an interim assistant coach role and captain Jobi McAnuff taking up an interim player-coach position.

In an interview posted on the club’s YouTube channel, Ling said: “I’ve known Ross since he was 20. I actually moved him into my staff when I was first team manager here and he’s worked for me at Swindon. I’ve got no hesitation that Ross can step up and do the top job.

“The caveat to that is that I don’t want anyone being judged during this period that then can be surplus to requirements. If it doesn’t work out there’s an opportunity for them to step back down to where they worked last year but can Ross do it? Without a shadow of a doubt.”

The interim/caretaker manager position at the club is one that Ling has held in his managerial career, with Barry Hearn then giving him the full managerial title, and that’s something that Ling feels Embleton can emulate during his time at the helm.

He said: “It takes me back to my own tenure at this football club where I took the job, it was on a caretaker basis and Barry Hearn said to me ‘I don’t really want you, I want a senior person in, I don’t really want to move it down again’.

“My attitude was ‘I’ll show that you want me’ and during that caretaker period I earnt the right to be called manager. I hope that’s how it goes for Ross and I believe it’s inside him to do that. My caretaker period lasted for five years, so that’s why interim can be written short or long.

“It’s a holding base at the moment, I’m not denying that and I don’t think any of the people who are in their positions are denying that but with Ross’ leadership, Danny’s leadership and Jobi McAnuff coming across as a coach as well, there’s a good team and I’m really comfortable with the team of Ross, Danny and Jobi.”