Ross Embleton says he tries to learn from everybody he works with following the swift departure of Carl Fletcher.

Embleton and Fletcher worked together for less than a month during the latter’s short spell as head coach of the O’s, but Embleton says he will take the things he learnt from Fletcher and use them in the future, as he has with people in the past.

After the loss to Scunthorpe United this afternoon, Embleton said: “You try to learn from everybody. I’ve worked for some people I haven’t gone on with in my career before and I’ve taken from those people. Hopefully, it’s made me a better coach when I’ve come to this club and the jobs I’ve done in the past.

“I feel I probably have [learnt things]. You take the good and the bad from everybody, hopefully, some people would do the same from me. You’d be very closed-minded if you didn’t try to adjust and try to take and develop from anybody that you work with.”