East London Runners’ Antonio Martin Romero came first at the XL Carrera Popular Ciudad de Jerez in southern Spain on Sunday.

Romero completed the 8.3km course in a time of 26.43, while fellow club member Thomas Burrard-Lucas came 20th overall with a time of 34.33.

Also abroad were Louis Le Roux and Michael Bamford, who took part in the 947 Ride Joburg, a 94km cycling event through Johannesburg, South Africa.

Le Roux recorded a time of 3:32,51 and placed 4831st out of 15,903 participants, while Bamford’s time came in at 3:36.10, earning him 5146th place.

Slightly closer to home, Arthur Diaz completed the Phoenix Running Riverside Half Marathon in a time of 2:40.26, while four ELR runners recorded personal best times at the Adidas City Run 10km in Fulham.

Tom Howourth came 238th overall with a time of 40.20, closely followed by Karan Gadhia who came 299th with 41.00.

Isabella Allan placed 3905th with a time of 59.40 and lastly Alice Barraett recorded 1:03.24, coming 4453rd overall.

At the St Neots Half Marathon on Sunday, Andrew Baxter came 179th overall with a time of 1:32.15, closely followed by Paul Thompson who recorded a personal best time of 1:32.28, placing 183rd overall.

Jamie Xavier and Peter Hatley followed with 1:34.09 and 1:35.29 respectively, while Carlton Dsouza came 247th with a time of 1:36.09.

Richard Guest was the penultimate finisher for ELR, coming 278th in a time of 1:37.55, and finally Grant Conway recorded a time of 1:46.46, which earned a place of 443rd.

Meanwhile, ELR’s biggest representation was at the London Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill on Saturday.

Paula Bedford, Chloe Millan and Veronica Carrasco completed the 6km women’s event in times of 29.41, 30,57 and 35.37 respectively.

In the mens’ 10km race, Thomas Grimes was the first across for ELR in a time of 40.06, coming 33rd overall, while Patrick Brown followed shortly behind in 56th, getting a time of 40.50.

Euan Brown (41.19), Mark Boulton (45.04) and Billy Rayner (46.20) were the next to cross the line and they were followed by Tom Marshall and Mark Moir in times of 47.47 and 48.18 respectively.

Spencer Evans finished just 20 seconds behind Moir before a bit of a gap until Andrew Jackson and Jacob Stevens finished in 50.51 and 52.21.

Amit Marks was next across for ELR in a time of 52.49, followed by Ciaran Canavan (53.11), Craig Livermore (54.43), Peter Hatley (56.18) and Lance Fuller (58.54).

Finally, Michael Wilson finished in a time of 1:00.02, David Hallybone crossed in 1.00.33, and Arthur Diaz recorded a time of 1:07.33.