Leyton Orient head coach Ross Embleton feels that the EFL made a "responsible decision" by suspending the leagues.

It was announced last week that the Premier League and EFL would not be resuming until at least April 4 owing to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Embleton was naturally disappointed by the decision but understood why it was made and admitted it must have been a hard choice to make.

He said: “I think my biggest feeling is disappointment. From a selfish point of view we feel like we’re in quite a good place at the moment and the motivation to finish strongly was always a good one. Now, that’s been thrown up in the air and we don’t know where it’s going to land, so I think that’s the original feeling.

“My brother lives in Spain and they’re in lockdown. We haven’t got to that stage yet but if we do then it’s obviously a very responsible decision to have made it, before everything else has gone into meltdown. Football has made a stance before most other professions to say we’re going to keep people away from each other.

"I think it’s a sensible decision albeit a very frustrating one. In the longer term and in the bigger scheme of things, if in two weeks’ time everything is on lockdown, then it’s been a very wise decision from football.

“We’re all going to miss out and things are thrown up in the air, it’s a sensible, bigger decision that they’ve made to make sure that people’s welfares have been thought about. I think it’s sensible more than anything.”