A local boxing club is calling for more coaches following the fine display of their boxers at a national tournament.

Three Epping ABC fighters, Reggie Binet, Ronnie Hopwood and Alfie Stephenson, made it to the finals of the National Schools Championship on February 11.

Hopwood and Stephenson seized victory, becoming National Schools Champions.

Despite a strong fight, Binet narrowly lost.

Danny Spicer, head coach, said: "Another year at the School Championships and we are so proud to have brought home more Champions.

"We could not have asked for anymore from our boxers on the day, as they all performed magnificently.

"Again, our boxers prove that consistency, dedication, and perseverance with their training gets great results."

All coaches at the charity-run club volunteer, supporting an expanding member base.

The club hopes new volunteers will help maintain their success.


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