A primary school held their own climate protest among the global climate strike.

Ivy Chimneys Primary School, Epping, held their own climate demonstration on Friday (September 20) where the children were encouraged to walk around their daily mile track and learn more about climate change.

Children at the school created their own protest posters, with empowering messages such as “stop burning fossil fuels.”

A letter to Westminster’s department of environment, food and rural affairs was also sent by the pupils to share their stance about climate change.

Miss Sigston, the headteacher at the school, said: “The idea for the day came from a conversation I had with a parent of one of our children.

“It’s a chance for our learners to feel empowered to have a voice and an opinion, about something that will affect their future. If children understand that they can be active citizens now, they are more likely to be engaged in later life.

“We feel a responsibility to raise awareness about climate change, but we’re certainly not holding ourselves up as an example of green perfection. Like most school communities, there are always things we could do better – this is a good opportunity for us to focus on what action we could take.”

Epping Forest Guardian:

Throughout the week children at the school have been encouraged to be more environmentally aware, as some children even arranged a litter-pick on their morning walk to school.

Just a day before the global climate strike, Epping Forest District Council declared a Climate Emergency.

Cllr Dave Plummer (Green Party, Waltham Abbey South West) said: “The School Strikes, along with Extinction Rebellion and others, are highlighting how important it is that we take action now.”