I was very pleased to see that all the correspondents in the last issue agreed that austerity and laissez-faire policies have been bad for us. The Conservative Party manifesto rejected the austerity policies imposed by the pro-EU governments of Cameron and May, policies the EU imposed across the eurozone.

The Conservative manifesto promised more spending on infrastructure, health and education. Now we will have to press them to do what they promised. In a democracy, the people have every right to press the government to do what it promised us it would do.

I also agree that we should stop going on about Brexit. It is time to move on, to accept the decision we made, and do what we can to make life better for people.

We can no longer blame Brussels when things go wrong. The buck stops here now. As Julie Dalphinis wrote in her letter, “we all have to live together.”

Will Podmore

Clavering Road, Wanstead