Work refilling council paddling pools has begun after plans were delayed due to high demand for water.

Harlow Council was originally planning to start filling up the pools at Bush Fair, Norman Booth, Sumners, and the Town Park on July 18, but this was delayed due to local demand for water caused by extreme temperatures.

The work, begun on Monday July 25, is due to be completed for the pools to reopen from Wednesday July 27 as it can take up to two days to fill each paddling pool.

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Potter Street,Bush Fair, and Norman Booth have opened ahead of schedule but the Town Park and Sumners pools are currently closed due to a technical issue.

The council says it has been particularly cautious to avoid additional disruption to the local water supply because many homes in the town continue to experience low water pressure with some residents left with no supply at all.

Cllr Joel Charles said: “The council has a responsibility to ensure that the filling up of the paddling pools, which coincides with the town experiencing lower than normal water levels, does not impact on the work to manage the town’s water supply."