Plans to turn a derelict garage block into energy efficient council houses with electric vehicle charging points have been approved.

Harlow Council approved proposals for six two-bedroom terrace homes for families on the Harlow Housing Needs Register on Wednesday (October 2).

The properties, in The Woodleys, Minchin Road, will also include high levels of insulation, energy efficient heating and solar panels.

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Deputy council leader Dan Swords said: “This is another development agreed as part of our housebuilding programme which will provide much-needed new council homes for Harlow families.

“These homes in The Woodleys will be built to a very high quality and well above the required standard.”

Epping Forest Guardian: Artists impressions of The Woodleys. Picture: Harlow CouncilArtists impressions of The Woodleys. Picture: Harlow Council (Image: Harlow Council)

The development will also include new car parking spaces, a block of four garages, and a landscaping scheme to improve the biodiversity and environment of the adjacent Blackbush Spring Park.

The council added it is looking into the feasibility of installing heat pumps in the new homes.

The Woodleys is part of the council’s wider programme to build 99 council homes between 2022 and 2024 to be allocated to families on the housing needs register.

Epping Forest Guardian: The Woodleys garages. Picture: Harlow CouncilThe Woodleys garages. Picture: Harlow Council (Image: Harlow Council)

Councillor Swords added: “This scheme will not only mean brand new council homes for Harlow families, but another area of the town regenerated.

“This is a crucial part of the council’s agenda to regenerate our neighbourhoods and restore pride in our town.

“Our housebuilding programme will see hundreds of new houses, apartments, and bungalows built for Harlow families. We will build the right homes in the right places to the highest standards so that we can truly improve the lives of Harlow families.”

Epping Forest Guardian: The Woodleys design. Image: Harlow CouncilThe Woodleys design. Image: Harlow Council (Image: Harlow Council)

Families can be eligible for the housing needs register based on having a local connection such as living in Harlow for at least five years, family in the area, or full-time employment in Harlow for over a year.

They must also meet financial resources requirements including less than £1,000 in housing-related debts and less than £50,000 in savings, equity or income.

There are also behaviour requirements such as not having a current behaviour order or recent conviction related to domestic abuse.

Epping Forest Guardian: The Woodleys design. Picture: Harlow CouncilThe Woodleys design. Picture: Harlow Council (Image: Harlow Council)