A MAJOR development which would see a total transformation of the town centre in Harlow has sparked concerns among residents who face having their homes demolished.

Major plans to transform Harlow's town centre are underway. 

As a result residents of Joseph Rank House on Kitson Way have received a letter from the owners of the building, notifying them of the intention to demolish the block.

Residents of the flats have shared concerns about finding new housing and shared them with the council.

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A council spokesperson said: "We were made aware of the situation regarding Joseph Rank House last week.

"This meeting was requested by Places to People so they could let us know of their intentions and that they would be communicating with the residents.

"They have assured us that they will be doing everything they can to work with all residents individually to support them in new housing.

"In the first instance, residents should contact Places for People directly to arrange individual discussions.

"We understand that this news is concerning for the residents of Joseph Rank House, and we will continue to work closely with Places for People.

"We will provide necessary support where appropriate for those who need assistance from us regarding their housing situation and are already in discussion with Places for People on this matter."